Instructional Video Strategies, Techniques, and Devices

Instructional Video Strategies, Techniques, and Devices

Apart from the selection of a presentation format, other major production design decisions include the selection of specific instructional strategies, techniques, and devices. These decisions influence:

  • what information is presented
  • what level of detail
  • how the information will be organized
  • how it will be presented to the learner.

The most useful finding appears to be the proven value of introductions, repetition of important ideas, and summaries as the best single way to improve learning (Bates, 2005). These and other techniques include:

  • providing advanced organizers such as topic titles in textual or spoken introductions
  • showing common errors when teaching procedural skills
  • focusing on critical elements when conducting a demonstration
  • directing attention to parts of a video before it is shown
  • teacher-directed introductions and follow-up discussions after a class has been shown a video presentation. 


Bates, T. (2005) Technology, e-learning, and distance education. Routledge. 

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