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My name is Les Bairstow and I am an educator and a video producer. I guess you could say it’s in my genes: my father was a high school teacher and my mother a television producer. 

If designed correctly, video has the potential to enhance teaching and learning; however, more often than not, video is simply used to record a teaching event rather than creating a learning experience.

My website is dedicated to the design and development of video for teaching and learning. I will draw on my knowledge and experience as a video producer, instructional designer, and university instructor to share with you what I have learned about producing educational video. 

I have a masters degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University in Montreal. My thesis was on the design and development of video for teaching and learning. I was also a university instructor for 15 years having taught English for Academic Purposes where I produced my first educational video in 2001.

Since then I have been producing video for educational institutions and corporate organizations and have worked with McGill University, University of Calgary, Health Canada, Air Canada, Pfizer, American Management Association to name a few.

Whether you use video now or would like to in the future, or if you want to produce your own video, I bring together the latest academic research and best practices from the field to help you make informed decisions on how to use video for teaching and learning. 

See what you can learn.

Les Bairstow

Les Bairstow

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